A 13th Age at GameQuest

The Party Sets Out

Session 1

We opened by making/fixing characters, defined some important chunks of the campaign world and fought a skirmish.

Your characters were dispatched by the Elf Queen and Emperor to reactivate the Northern Colossus – a powerful statue said to guard the mountain pass where it stands. Unfortunately, it stands many miles north of the pass where Orcs broke through and sacked the Imperial capitol, Axis. The Emperor has given you the full instructions for operating this statue and a wizard from Horizon to perform the necessary procedures. The Elf Queen sent her betrothed and his weird sister to guide the Imperial expedition. While climbing into the foothills below the Colossus, you were ambushed by ape-men, their wolves, and a mighty beast. Despite the best efforts of Wayne the Bruce – city-slicker Ranger – you won handily and received your first incremental advance.

January 16, 2014 Session



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