• Coalition of Arch-magi

    Coalition of Arch-magi

    The most powerful magic users in the Dragon Empire
  • Crusader


    A force to be reckoned with - or avoided wherever possible
  • Diabolist


    Nasty work - the least predictable and most dangerous force of the Age, for now
  • Dwarf King

    Dwarf King

    Low King of the Dwarves, he has retreated to their beloved mines and under-mountain fortresses before the Horde
  • Elf Queen

    Elf Queen

    Queen of a divided race, she stands with the Emperor lest the Orcs reach the Queen's Wood
  • Emperor


    A Ruler without a capitol, humanity's greatest leader may soon become the Beggar Prince
  • Great Gold Wyrm

    Great Gold Wyrm

    Myth or eternal defender of the world, he wasn't there when it mattered
  • High Druid

    High Druid

    Guardian of the primal, there's never been a better time to kill Orcs.
  • Human Wizard from Horizon

    Human Wizard from Horizon

    A human wizard from Horizon
  • Lich King

    Lich King

    A fable to scare children - unlike the last one.
  • Orc Lord

    Orc Lord

    The demons haven't destroyed a kingdom yet. He has.
  • Prince of Shadows

    Prince of Shadows

    The greatest thief now faces a world without the order and stability he thwarted
  • The Three

    The Three

    Once held in check by the Dragon Empire and the Coalition of Arch-Magi, The Three now have no counter-point.